Ciro Immobile comments
Ciro Immobile comments on his season so far

It has been a season to remember for Ciro Immobile. The italian international has been on fire for Lazio who are in the Europa League Quarter Finals, and 5th in the Serie A with the highest goal tally in the domestic league (73). This article will cover a recent press conference as Ciro Immobile comments on his season so far.

Currently leading the Serie A in scoring with 26 goals in 27 games played, the attacker recently broke a record for the Roman club as on 31 March 2018, Immobile scored twice in Lazio’s 6–2 home win over Benevento, to break Giorgio Chinaglia‘s record for the ‘most goals scored by a Lazio player in a single Serie A season’ (26 goals). With 8 games remaining in the season, Immobile does not look to be slowing down anytime soon and it looks like he will be reaching the 30 goal mark.

At Sky Sport’s microphones in the ‘Europa League preview’ broadcast, he returned to talk about his past, with an eye to the present. Ciro Immobile comments:

“In Germany I started well because I was playing a lot and I was able to score” – Immobile starts – “Then the team – myself included – went through a run of poor form, which lead to me being dropped. At that point I wanted to leave and there was an opportunity at Spanish side Sevilla so I took it. However, I never had many chances to show off and display myself in Spain – even when I did too much, I was never put on the pitch. It’s normal in football for everyone to make choices – the players and the coaches. We have to try our best always and make the coaches decide on the starting line-up. Precisely for this reason I never protested, but just asked the club to let me return to Borussia Dortmund.”

“Lazio? I have always given my best from the beginning and I have always received so much affection. I like to call myself a humble, friendly and very sociable person, and always give my best to try and get the best possible result.” Ciro Immobile comments, “I do not like losing, I think it can also be seen from outside and it’s something that I have carried inside me since I was young.”

Finally, Ciro Immobile comments on the group he played alongside this year: “Above all this year we have achieved great team unity. We have spent a lot of time together between championship retreats, the Coppa Italia and the Europa League. Maybe now I’m more with the team than at home.” – he jokes. “It is important to create beautiful relationships and have a mixture of your work and family life, but it is not always easy when you are in a Serie A dressing room.”







  1. Has been the best signing for us in a very long time and a prolific goal scorer. Glad he came to us and regained his form to become one of the best current strikers in the Serie A.

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