Italian Referee Strikes Threaten Serie A Gameweek 32

Italian Referee Strikes

Will Italian Referee Strikes Threaten Gameweek 32?

According to reports from Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport, Italian referee strikes are threatening to affect Serie A gameweek 32. Reports say that it will affect the Saturday fixtures, so if they are to happen, the Sunday derby fixture between Lazio and Roma should be unaffected.

On Friday the 6th April, a committee is set to meet on the pretense of “extraordinary measures”. The reason behind these possible strikes is a response to the violence that some referees are facing in smaller leagues in Italy. The demand of the strikes is that referees in the Lega Pro, and the leagues below, will receive some sort of monetary reimbursement for the issues that they are facing.

What will happen on Friday the 6th? Will Gameweek 32 be affected by these Italian referee strikes and what are the greater implications of this for the modern game?

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In other news, Luis Alberto has been ranked in WhoScored’s Team of the Week, whilst rumours today suggest FC Nantes’ Diego Carlos could be on his way to Italy.

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