Tare Talks: “I have been watching Berisha for a long time… Salzburg? They deserve respect”

Igli Tare Salzburg

Igli Tare Discusses Salzburg – Source: kohajone.com

Igli Tare spoke before the first leg of the Europa League quarter-final against RB Salzburg, in which Lazio won by a score of 4-2.

Here is the press conference: “If we want to think big, then we have to become accustomed to playing on this stage with the fans following us – Tare told Sky Sport Italia – RB Salzburg have a German conception of football, which is team-based on non-stop pressing, tight lines, very rapid and explosive players. I really like Valon Berisha and have been following him for a while, not just because he’s Albanian, but because of his quality. Munas Dabbur is also an impressive forward. Salzburg? They deserve respect”.

Tare has also been talking about the recent problems concerning Italian Referees after the AIA Headquarters confirmed they received bullets in the post as a threat. Today the President of the AIA (Referees’ Association) Marcello Nicchi said Lazio fans were “scandalous” for filing a class action lawsuit against referees Marco Di Bello and Piero Giacomelli over decisions made in December’s Serie A defeat to Torino. Tare has responded to his claims: “I read his comments. I take it into account and will wait for the opportune moment, if it comes, to have a calm discussion with Rizzoli and Nicchi. We have to look forward for the good of Italian football – continued Tare – I don’t think Lazio were victims, nor were they the villains. I never said they made decisions in bad faith. I said at times we couldn’t tell where the line was drawn between an error and bad faith, because Lazio were penalized repeatedly. If they saw that as an insult, I apologise, as I didn’t mean it that way. I am happy to have a meeting and discuss the situation calmly.”

Tare has had much to say recently, with comments regarding Lucas Leiva, De Vrij and Milinkovic-Savic released just a week ago.


2 thoughts on “Tare Talks: “I have been watching Berisha for a long time… Salzburg? They deserve respect””

  1. Arvid Larsson says:

    Curious fact about Berisha is that he is actually born in Malmö, Sweden, but had a Norwegian passport. Now he plays for Kosovo NT.

    1. Nedeljko Đukić says:

      Yes, many players of Albanian descent who were born in Kosovo, or their parents were born there, opted for it.
      Although Kosovo is still not recognized as an independent state by United Nations and is illegitimate state, FIFA accepted them as a member. The more the marrier – Infantino based his power on quantity, just like Blater did, it kept him in control for so many years. Essentially, Infantino changed nothing in FIFA structure after the scandal. Politics.

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