The Lazio Class of 99’/00′: Where Are They Now?

sven-goran eriksson lazio class of 99/00

Sven-Goran Eriksson as Lazio Manager – Source: Eurosport


Perhaps you could talk about a “manager boom” from the scudetto winning Lazio class of the 99’/00′ season.

It is widely known that Swedish coach Sven-Göran Eriksson of Lazio from 1997 to 2001 did not have too much to do with the tactics or the style of play during his time at Lazio – it was actually the players and mainly Roberto Mancini that organized the squad and led the squad. Eriksson’s role was more to make the players feel good off the pitch and to handle their great egos. He however found success at the Roman club winning 4 titles during his tenure:

However, this ‘player managed side’ perhaps led to many of the players improving their tactics and coaching skills early on, which lead to an interest to aspire becoming a manager after their playing careers.

Without further adieu, let’s see how the Lazio class of 1999/00 have faired after retirement from football:

  • Pavel Nedved: vice-chairman of the board of directors of Juventus
  • Alessandro Nesta: the first manager of Miami FC
  • Matias Almeyda: manager of Chivas, Mexico, before that manager of clubs in Argentina
  • Diego Simeone: manager of Atletico de Madrid, previously in Catania and clubs in Argentina
  • Fernando Couto: former director of football and assistant coach of Braga. Is said to pursue a future career as a sports director
  • Roberto Mancini: current manager of Zenit Saint Petersburg, former manager of Inter, Fiorentina, Manchester City and Lazio
  • Attilio Lombardo: assistant coach of Torino. Previously in for example Schalke, Galatasaray and Manchester City
  • Alen Boksic: former assistant coach of Croatia NT
  • Sinisa Mihajlovic: former manager of Torino, Milan, Sampdoria, Fiorentina, Serbia NT, Catania and Bologna
  • Dejan Stankovic: former assistant coach of Udinese and club manager of Inter. Now involved as a ambassador of UEFA
  • Marco Ballotta: former manager of amateur team Castelvetro
  • Marcelo Salas; president of Deportes Temuco, former sports director of Unión Temuco, Chile
  • Sergio Conceicao: manager of Porto, previously in Nantes and other portugese teams
  • Nestor Sensini: former manager of Udinese and teams in Argentina
  • Guerino Gottardi: former youth coach of Lazio
  • Simone Inzaghi: manager of Lazio, previously in the Lazio primavera
  • Juan Sebastian Veron: chairman of his home club Estudiantes de La Plata
  • Fabrizio Ravanelli: former youth coach at Juventus, manager of Ajaccio and football pundit for Sky Italia, Fox Sports, and Mediaset
  • Giuseppe Pancaro: recently became the new manager of Catanzaro – before that manager of Catania and Juve Stabia
  • Giuseppe Favalli: studied to be a manager at Coverciano 2013, but hasn’t taken up a coaching job since then
  • Dario Marcolin: in recent years manager of Catania and Avellino. Before that clubs like Modena and Padova
  • Paolo Negro: manager of lower league teams and former primavera coach at Latina
  • Luca Marchegiani: football pundit on Sky Italia – he features in the Pro Evolution Soccer series from 2012-2015 as a technical commentator

Those who stand out are obviously Nedved, Simeone, Mancini, Conceicao, Mihajlovic and Inzaghi – not everyone has succeeded at the highest level yet, but how many other teams can say that they have produced this many aspiring managers, experts or directors?

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