Salzburg vs Lazio Press Conference – Inzaghi: “The derby against Roma? We are only focused on Progressing to the Europa League Semi-Finals”

Lazio travels to Salzburg to play the second leg of the Europa League SemiFinals tomorrow, in which they hold a 4-2 lead over the Austrian club from the first leg at the Stadio Olimpico. In Coach Simone Inzaghi’s Salzburg vs Lazio press conference today, he had much to say about the match – especially surrounding the Derby della Capitale on Sunday, with Roma defeating Barcelona yesterday in the Champions League to move onto the semi-finals themselves against all odds. However, Inzaghi was very clear: “We are focused only on progressing to to the semi-finals of the Europa League, then it will be time for the Derby” – he does not want any distractions.

Tomorrow’s match can deliver a Europa League semi-final – something that has been only done a limited amount of times in their history. According to his comments in the Salzburg vs Lazio press conference, the Biancoceleste coach wants to obtain it at all costs: “We know that tomorrow night we will have a difficult game to play. Salzburg will do everything to make life difficult, but I am confident because we prepared ourselves the best way possible… – Inzaghi analyzed in a press conference – I congratulate Roma for yesterday’s match. It is a testament to the fact that games in Europe are played over a 180-minute period. In the first leg we played a perfect race, my players have had a great soul and group cohesion. This made the difference, we will have a great spirit even tomorrow, when we expect a very hot climate. We know we have a goal advantage but it will still be difficult – we will have to try not to administer it but to play immediately at a high pace. We want to take control of the game and all three points”

When asked about squad: “I have summoned 20 players and they are all usable. There are some who have played more, some less. Radu and Parolo will certainly be in the line-up, for others I will evaluate. Of the 20 who are here only Lulic has a small problem, but this morning he gave positive signals. Physical fatigue I do not see, there may be a bit ‘of mental fatigue, but that is overcome by pointing out the objectives.”

On the topic of starting Luis Alberto or Felipe Anderson: “They may both play in the starting line-up, or one or the other. I have not decided.”

On the topic of the Derby della Capitale: “Today and tomorrow I do not think about the derby, at the current moment the most important match is the one with Salzburg. They are a very well prepared team with a very good coach. I will have to be good at understanding the players who will give me the best performance for tomorrow’s match, without thinking about Sunday.”

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