Giulia Paparelli and Chiara Insidioso Monda

Sunday’s game between Lazio and Sampdoria was a pleasant occasion with a good result and many fans in the stands. For one certain girl, it was her first game at Stadio Olimpico in Rome: Giulia Paparelli. Although a special experience, it was also a very emotional one for her Father Gabriele Paparelli. This was because his Dad (and Giulia’s Grandfather) Vincenzo Paparelli could not join them at the stadium; he tragically died after being hit by a flare fired from a young Roma supporter on the 28th of October in 1979. His wife Wanda tried to save her husband but it was all in vain. Gabriele was only 8 years of age at the time. Gabriele’s daughter Giulia adores Ciro Immobile and Felipe Anderson. However, she hasn’t been able to get the full experience of the game until this special occasion, wearing the Lazio shirt and supporting the team at the stadium.

During the weekend games, the players in Italy also had a red stripe on one cheek to support the ‘Protest Against Violence Against Women’ campaign. Very fitting, Laziale Chiara Insidioso Monda also was back in the stands after 1538 days of absence. Chiara became, in a sad way, known after being badly beaten into the state of a coma by her boyfriend on the 3rd of February in 2014. Since then she has slowly recovered, but she still has heavy brain damage due to the beating and is mentally and physically disabled. However, she was now happily was back again at the Olimpico with her father Maurizio and was able to once again watch her beloved team win against Sampdoria.

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