President Claudio Lotito: ‘Those who have seen Serie A know that we deserve another position. Now two finals, it is not fair to suffer like that!’

Claudio Lotito, Source- gettyIMAGES
Claudio Lotito, Source- gettyIMAGES

Claudio Lotito, president of Lazio, spoke at Lazio Style Channel on his birthday:

“I wanted to thank everyone for the affection you show towards me. For me it is a day of work, as are all my days. Yesterday I went to celebrate at the Quirinale club. I arrived in Rome at 10.30 because I had taken this commitment with them – I was very pleased. The spirit, the passion and the affection of the people give you an extra charge, having rediscovered unity of purpose with our people gives us an extra boost. We have recreated a great family, united we win and great results can be achieved”.



“We must always aim for the best, without creating false inspirations that are not feasible. We have built a team to compete on an equal footing with everyone. Everyone who has seen the league, has  also seen that Lazio would have deserved a different ranking. But we are not used to feeling sorry for ourselves.”

“We must react, fight and achieve the goals we deserve to win on the field. This is the line adopted by the company but also by all the fans. I thank the fans present at the stadium in a way that is composed and respectful of the rules. This is an important fact, we are taken as an example of fairness by all.”

“This society has perceived it very well, so it works every hour to increase the potential not only economic but also organizational. This is why I wanted to announce that we have acquired a shop in the center of Rome to satisfy our fans, also to have the possibility to buy tickets in the center. We do not want to be second to anyone, to do things enthusiastically, hoping to be repaid by sporting and economic results”.



“I live these last two finals of the season with trepidation but also regret, because we deserved another position in the standings – not to suffer until the end. But this is part of the DNA and history of this society and team, where we have always had to conquer everything with great sacrifice and self-denial. In times of difficulty, however, I must underline how the Lazio fans have always responded to the appeal. They understand that unity is strength, that their drive can stimulate the team, but also the president. Yesterday when I arrived at the Quirinale club, after 18 hours standing, seeing all those people and that enthusiasm gave me a charge and rewarded me with all the sacrifices and bitterness.”

“We must ensure that this love and passion prevails over negative things. Good brings good. We try to deserve what we have. We hope that in the end we will be rewarded with what we have sown and conquered. I live with trepidation but also enthusiasm these last games, but I am repaid by the presence of these people. We have awakened the hearts of people. This is a very beautiful thing. We have given a vital shock to our Laziali.”

“We must regain our values. The eagle is a symbol of pride, independence, freedom to decide our destiny. The merit and the sacrifice of the team, wants to regain all the affection. We must say thank you to all the fans who represent for us a continuous incentive to always improve ourselves”.

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