Dusan Basta: “The Champions League will make us forget the refereeing issues”

Dusan Basta of Lazio, Source- europacalcio.it


Lazio continues its tour within schools: this time it is the turn of the ‘Asisium Institute in via di Grottarossa’, in Rome. The reporters stopped Dušan Basta, the biancocelesti wing-back, who then recounted experiences: “These experiences are very beautiful and important for the kids, they see us as idols and ask questions from which to learn something, we are humble, athletes, and good people”.

Dusan has been been Lazio since 2014 since transferring from Udinese and has made 97 appearances for the club, just shy of the 100 mark. A true laziale, here are his comments below.



We need the last effort and put the injuries and problems behind us, the two most important matches are waiting for us, I think the whole team thinks we can reach the Champions League”, said Dusan Basta.

“Performance anxiety? I do not think so.The mix between experienced and young players is ideal, and I remember that when the calendar came out we thought Lazio-Inter would be decisive. Often everything is decided in the last matches”.

“We must forget the referee errors. Reaching the Champions we will be even happier because of the extra-field problems.”

Nothing preliminary: “My curse concerns the preliminaries, this year I’m not there so I think it’s a good year”.

On his future he is cautious: “Let’s see, in life you never know, but I’m fine at Lazio.”

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