Crotone vs Lazio: Match Preview

Crotone vs Lazio, Source- GuruPrediksi
Crotone vs Lazio, Source- GuruPrediksi


May 28th of 2017: when everyone believed Crotone was to be relegated to the Serie B, as they faced off against a strong biancocelesti side. Fortunately it did not happen. Crotone gained hope in a huge win against Lazio. They beat them by a score of 3-1, a brace for Nalini and a goal from Falcinelli. Immobile was on the scoresheet with a penalty to bring Lazio a goal, but it was not enough as Gli Squali defeated them in the most important game of the season to allow them to remain in the top-tier of Italian Football. A surprising victory as Lazio had performed spectacularly throughout the season and to lose this game meant that they would finish in 5th place behind Atalanta, Napoli, Roma, and Juventus. The win in the last giornata of last year is a memorable moment for Crotone as they continue their challenge in this year’s Serie A TIM season, trying to stay alive once again.


This Sunday Lazio must travel to Stadio Ezio Scida to meet Crotone in the second last game of the season which will be decisive for both sides: Lazio to earn a Champions League position, and Crotone to remain in Serie A. It will not an easy away game for Lazio however, as a crushing defeat last year has made Lazio unable to underestimate the Crotone squad that played behind its own supporters. As well, they will be missing key pillars such as Parolo, Radu, Luiz Felipe, Luis Alberto, and Immobile.

The absence of the Luis-Immobile duo is especially harmful as both are very influential on the productivity of Lazio: they have produced a total of 41 goals and 23 assists during the 2017/18 season in Serie A. Most likely Felipe Anderson will take over the position of Luis Alberto, while Caiceido who previously scored in last match against Atalanta, will take King Ciro’s position.

Is the Felipe Anderson-Caicedo combination capable of destroying the Crotone defense?


On the other side, 17th-placed Crotone is struggling to not be relegated to the Serie B. This season has not been much different for them from last year: they still have to fight hard not to fall into the Serie-B, and next week will face Lazio who in fact they were able to beat last year.

This year Lazio comes with a limp condition caused by injuries which have left behind by several core players, unlike Crotone who play with full strength to entertain Lazio. One of the more on-fire players is Simeon Tochukwu Nwankwo “Simy” who has scored 9 goals and has 2 assists this season. Sunday’s game is the final game for both teams: Lazio are challenging for the Champions and Crotone is trying not to get relegated.


You decide, can Crotone can repeat success like last year, or is Lazio able to get revenge for the previous defeat at the Stadio Ezio Scida?


Author: @SayyidFahmy

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