The De Vrij Paradox

Stefan De Vrij of Lazio, Source-
Stefan De Vrij of Lazio, Source-


As many know, the contract talks between Lazio and the agent firm SEG that represents Stefan de Vrij was a long and bitter story. In the end, Igli Tare told the media in February that Lazio has withdrawn their offer after difficulties to agree a new contract. However, earlier on in the process, Tare said that the only remaining part was the agreement of the commission to SEG.

Following this, SEG was later said to demand around 6 million euros and a percentage of a release clause of 28 million euros in De Vrij’s presumptive contract for only one new year in Lazio – something that Lazio obviously didn’t want to agree on. Lazio is not a club that pays any big commissions to agents.

De Vrij then confirmed himself on Instagram that he would leave Lazio in the summer: “It’s been a very difficult period full of speculations about my future up to this point that nobody wanted. Unfortunately for various reasons we could not find a satisfactory agreement for both parties. I understand the disappointment of the Laziali very well and it hurts me to leave like this. Although I am very happy here and I feel at home, sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve the desired goals Forever with you”.


Since then, De Vrij has played on and been an important part of Lazio’s chase of a Champion League spot. Given the possibility that Lazio could qualify for Champions League, hope has also risen among Lazio fans that De Vrij might change his decision to not renew with Lazio.

But reports came yesterday that De Vrij himself said clearly to the fans outside the gates of Formello: “Renewal with Lazio? There is no chance for me to stay at Lazio. Zero and less than zero. The club no longer speaks to me”, he said. Just after this Inter is reported to be about to deposit De Vrij’s contract to the League for his free transfer in the summer…

Inter Milan Logo, Source-
Inter Milan Logo, Source-


But why would De Vrij say such things at this stage and given his rather quiet personality and earlier professionalism? Why would he like to stir up some tension around him? Why does the news of De Vrijs’ contract surface now? Is this really the truth or is it just reports caused to disturb Lazio?

Simone Inzaghi is said to trust De Vrij’s professionalism and has no doubts to play De Vrij in the two remaining important games against Crotone and Inter. But many supporters fear a Trojan Horse that could mean that Lazio miss out on the Champions League spot to Inter. At the same time De Vrij Is so important for Lazio’s rather fragile defense.


Given what’s happened during the contract talks, do you want De Vrij to renew with Lazio?

Should Lazio play with De Vrij in the decisive games while he is said to join the big competitor Inter next season (the team that Lazio face in the last game of the season).

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