Assessments of Luis Alberto: “I have good feelings, I feel better”

Luis Alberto of Lazio, Source- Cittaceleste

Four days to go, the match that will decide the season of Lazio and Inter: the two teams will face each other to win the last place available for the next Champions League. Lazio are able to go through on a draw or victory, while Inter must win to seal their spot.

Nobody wants to miss this challenge, but the biancocelesti are facing various absences due to injury. Among these players is star Spaniard attacking midfielder Luis Alberto: a player who is surely in the best team of the Serie A TIM this year, with double digits in both goals and assists (12 goals and 19 assists in all competitions).

The former Barcelona and Liverpool player reported a muscular injury back against Atalanta after missing a penalty. What should have been a win for this Lazio side, they were already hindered without prolific goalscorer Ciro Immobile due to a muscular problem from the following week against Torino, and with Luis Alberto coming off the field, the attacking options seemed slim. This led to a 1-1 draw against Gasperini’s Atalanta, and a 2-2 draw against struggling Crotone, and also explains the slim 3 goals in 2 games – something they usually put up in one match.

This injury should prevent Luis Alberto from being available: A conditional mandatory for the player, and outside the Paideia clinic where today he spoke like this: “On Sunday? I do not know yet, we will see Friday and Saturday morning as I am. I have good feelings, I feel better.”

This leaves Coach Simone Inzaghi to be hoping for a miracle to be able to count on his playmaker.

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