Luis Alberto and Ciro Immobile celebrate a goal against Juventus, Source- Lazio News 24
Luis Alberto and Ciro Immobile celebrate a goal against Juventus, Source- Lazio News 24


It all comes down to this last game – a game in which a draw or victory leads to the Champions League for Lazio. They must play their hearts out and come out on top, as with a loss against Inter, they will go to the Europa League instead. Staying on that topic, has been the man oh the hour, day and week – centre-half Stefan De Vrij. Will he play against Inter or will he not? This is the dilemma the club, fans, and coaching staff are having.

A conflict of interest is very strong in this case, even for the professional player, as Inter have confirmed that the player will be in their squad for next season after Ausilio deposited his contract last week. Something everyone knew for a long time – De Vrij had made his case, leaving Lazio in the past as he looked towards the future.

These thoughts and opinions may have also passed through the head of Simone Inzaghi. The coach of Lazio, however, now seems convinced of what to do: De Vrij will start against Inter. The defender was used again today, after three days in a row of training (Inzaghi regularly trains with whom he will fight for in the upcoming match). It is Inzaghi and De Vrij’s decision, a responsibility that they wanted to take.

De Vrij also communicated it to his companions and his coach. Everything therefore leaves us thinking of his use. However, the last word obviously belongs to Mister Inzaghi himself.

As for the other injured players, Immobile should take the field from the first minute. Bench, however, for Parolo, with Murgia favored to take its place. Luis Alberto will not succeed, going towards exclusion.​

They will fight for their life on Sunday in their quest for Champions League.