Top 10 All-Time Lazio Scorers

Top 10 Scorers of Lazio, @snhw_
Top 10 Scorers of Lazio

Lazio are goal-scoring juggernauts in the 2017/18 season. The biancocelesti placed at the top of the Serie A TIM in scoring thanks to the Immobile-LuisAlberto partnership – the most prolific in Italy, and one of the most explosive in Europe. With this in mind, it seems fitting to take a moment to look at the Top 10 Lazio scorers of all time.


10. Miroslav Klose (63)

When he came to Lazio on a free transfer in 2011, the German legend wasn’t expected to have much of an impact on the Serie A. Many felt his best days were behind him but the Polish-born German international proved that Igli Tare’s instincts were bang-on.

Miroslav Klose played 139 games for Lazio and netted 63 goals for the biancocelesti including a derby winning goal and a 5-goal performance against Bologna. In the same period he also led the German national team to its fourth World Cup in Brazil and became the highest scoring player in World Cup history.

9. Goran Pandev (64)

The Macedonian striker found an instant and incendiary chemistry with Tommaso Rocchi. Under Delio Rossi Pandev helped guide Lazio to the Champion’s League and scored a triumphant brace against Real Madrid at the Stadio Olimpico.

Unfortunately, his career in blue and white ended under a cloud when he became embroiled in a very public dispute when club president Claudio Lotito refused the strikers request to rescind his contract.


8. Renzo Garlaschelli (64)

A member of the riotous Scudetto winning squad of 1974, Garlaschelli was actually responsible for procuring the penalty shot subsequently scored by Giorgio Chinaglia that won Lazio the game and secured Lazio its first title. He went on to serve as a sportscaster in Rome.

7. Ciro Immobile (67-)

Immobile must be considered one of Igli Tare’s greatest signings.

The Neapolitan had shown tremendous potential while at Torino but poor spells at Borussia Dortmund and Sevilla had deeply dented his stock. But since coming to Rome, Immobile has proven to be one of the most prolific strikers in Europe.

In 68 games, Immobile has found the back of the net 52 times in the Serie A – he was the top scorer in the most recent installment of the Europa League and won the capocannoniere this season as well.

6. Aldo Pulcinelli (78)

Aside from being the sixth highest scorer in Lazio club history, Pulcinelli is also the player with the most league caps for the squad.

His career at Lazio was interrupted by the Second World War but Pulcinelli returned to the club at the end of the conflagration and his name became synonymous with the immediate postwar era of the club’s history. His most memorable goal was scored in a 1-1 Derby draw in 1942.

5. Tommaso Rocchi (105)

One of the most beloved players of Lazio’s most recent history, Rocchi managed to give the club a shimmer of hope through some of its darkest periods.

One of earliest acquisitions of the Lotito era, Rocchi quickly cemented his place amongst the Lazio greats by scoring goals in every competition and sealing a 3-1 derby victory in January 2005. Rocchi would go on to score 5 derby goals and helped to hoist a Supercoppa Italiana and a Coppa Italia.


4. Bruno Giordano (108)

A product of Lazio’s youth system and a son of Rome, Giordano came to Lazio the year after the Scudetto of 1974 and spent the next decade at the capital club. His career at Lazio was a series of triumphs and setbacks.

He won the scoring title twice with the club in Serie A and Serie B but was also caught in a betting scandal at the start of the eighties and was banned for over a year despite being absolved in criminal court. He also suffered a serious leg injury and had a notoriously rocky relationship with then president Giorgio Chinaglia.

3. Giorgio Chinaglia (122) 

The legendary Long John is totem of Lazio lore. We have dealt extensively with his career at Lazio in a previous article.

The legendary captain of the volatile Scudetto-winning gang of 1974 scored some of the most significant goals of Lazio history, including the penalty-kick which secured Lazio its first title. Of course no goal is more iconic than his derby goal from 1974. The goal served as the prelude to his magical run under the Roma terraces.

Like Tomasso Rocchi, Chinaglia would tally 5 derby goals in his career.

2. Giuseppe Signori (127)

Beppegol is not only a Lazio legend, he’s also the ninth highest scorer in Serie A history. Signori hit the ground running at Lazio scoring 32 goals in 36 games in his first season of six with the biancocelesti. He would win the scoring title three times while in Rome.

1. Silvio Piola (149)

The top all-time scorer for Lazio also happens to be one of the absolute giants of Italian football. He came to Lazio thanks to the political might of Lazio administrator Gen. Giorgio Vaccaro in 1934.

Despite a career interrupted by the Second World War, Piola is the highest scorer in Serie A history with 290 goals.

Internationally, he is third in all time scoring for the Italian national team and scored two goals for Italy in the triumphant World Cup final of 1938. He also holds the club record for most derby goals at 7.  

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