Simone Inzaghi of Lazio, Source CittaCeleste
Simone Inzaghi of Lazio, Source CittaCeleste
Simone Inzaghi’s Lazio ultimately fell on the last game of the season again Inter and sadly lost a place in next years’ Champions League.
A disappointment to all Laziali as well as a surprise to every ”expert” that did not think that Lazio would be able to compete after the losses of Biglia and Keita over the 2017 summer transfer window.
Inzaghi broke much of a curse for a Lazio coach under President Claudio Lotito: the curse that Lazio have not been able to qualify for two consecutive seasons in European competition. Usually, whoever has been in charge takes over from a poor run of form in a season, turns the team around for the next year, and then is sacked following failure. Instead, Inzaghi’s Lazio this season won the Italian Super Cup; made it to the semi-final in the Italian Cup and made it to the quarter-finals of the Europa League – all lamenting proper success for the former Laziali (Simone Inzaghi).
During the season, there has been talk surrounding Inzaghi’s future: what if Allegri left Juventus – what if Sarri left Napoli – would the Lazio coach switch sides? He was on Juventus’ radar from quite some time, as well as Napoli’s most recently. However, after positive meetings between Allegri and the club, and Napoli hiring Ancelotti yesterday, it looks like Inzaghi is to remain on the Lazio bench next season, especially after he earlier said that he is already at his “dream club”.
Inzaghi, according to LaLazioSiamoNoi, was handed a proposal two months ago from Napoli to replace the departing Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri, but Inzaghi rejected the offer and a contract of 3.5 millions euros a year. This is to compared to the 1 million a year he is currently paid at Lazio.
There have also been rumours about Porto’s Sergio Conceicao as a coach thought to replace Inzaghi next season and that he were in Rome this past weekend to discuss the matter with Lotito. But it all seems un-true.
Money and fame is obviously not everything, right? Inzaghi reportedly declined the offer since he’s determined to stay at Lazio. He sees Lazio as his home, and his team. Hopefully the squad will pay back some of that affection next season.