4 Lazio players make EA SPORTS FIFA Italian Serie A TIM TOTS



The much anticipated wait is finally over, and the EA SPORTS FIFA ‘Team of the Season’ for the Serie A TIM is finally here. For calcio fans worldwide, they will dive into the game looking to purchase packs to redeem one or more of these superstars to upgrade and improve their squads in the Ultimate Team game mode.

Within this list of 23 players are top class quality around the league, with players coming from Juventus (5), Napoli (4), Lazio (4), Roma (3), Inter (3), Atalanta (2), Fiorentina (1), and Sampdoria (1). FIFA players will try to combine their current squad of regular and in-form cards, with these rare blue and gold cards, to complete the squad they have craved all season long.

Lazio had a fantastic season, which ended just short of their main goal of Champions league football. This happened after a 3-2 loss to Inter in the last game of the season, losing out on head-to-head challenges with the Nerazzurri (first match was a draw).


Looking deeper into the squad, we see 4 players in the Biancocelesti colors that had performed at top quality throughout the course of the season:


  • 96 overall rating – 92 pace, 98 shooting, 82 passing, 91 dribbling, 88 physicality


  • 95 overall rating – 84 pace, 94 shooting, 93 passing, 94 dribbling, 92 defending, 94 physicality


  • 91 overall rating – 87 pace, 93 shooting, 95 passing, 95 dribbling, 72 physicality


  • 92 overall rating -77 pace, 68 shooting, 77 passing, 82 dribbling, 94 defending, 88 physicality

The following picture below shows the best Lazio 11 that could be created after the 2017/18 year:

Best Lazio 11 in FUT
Best Lazio 11 in FUT

Will you be using this side in your FIFA Ultimate Team?

Which TOTS card do you like the most?


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