The Laziali Patreon
The Laziali Patreon


The Laziali have been creating high-quality S.S. Lazio content in the English language since February of 2018.

With two eager University undergraduates looking to share their love and passion for the game of football and their favourite club, there was an acknowledgement for the real lack of online content surrounding the biancocelesti side of Rome.

This is how our story begins: University of Glasgow student Sam Wilson met Wilfrid Laurier University student Steven Moore – both passionate Lazio fans, by the end of the month they had created Lazio Blog EN, a WordPress blog dedicated to news and features about Lazio, up and running, quickly progressed, gaining followers and interest.

This was due to the fact that, with the exception of the outstanding Lazio Lounge podcast, there was very little focused Lazio content – most calcio websites, blogs, and Italian coverage were surrounding the league of Serie A TIM as a whole, or the well-known clubs such as Juventus, Milan, Inter because of their European competition success. In the near future, however, it came to a point where Sam and Steven developed the blog to the point where it needed an upgrade.

Fast forward to March where The Laziali officially launched. With our own domain, became known as a website for special, diverse, and quality information. The team had now grown from the two original founders, to a team of 19 dedicated Lazio and Serie A TIM writers: as the team began to develop new ways to deliver unique content to different platforms, a ‘The Laziali’ YouTube channel was launched, and over the summer, we have our very own Lazio video content planned – everything from tactical analysis of famous Lazio matches, to FIFA and Football Manager videos for those who enjoy gaming.

However, after four hard months at work, over 200 articles posted, and over 2000 tweets made, we need your help. Like aforementioned above, Sam and Steven are currently studying at university and do not have the current financial capacity to maintain and keep the site growing at the rate it has been so far. To combat this and to ensure that we can keep doing what we do, we have decided to set up this Patreon page ( 

The best part is that not only does this help us out, but it allows you to get access to exclusive content and many more rewards – below are all of the possibilities you have in helping our cause:

$1 or more: Ball Boy – personal ‘Thank You’ from the founders Sam and Steven, we really appreciate all your support!
$3 or more: Salernitana Loanee – previous rewards + a place in the ‘credits’ of our YouTube videos + a social media shout-out on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter!
$5 of more: Youth Prospect – previous rewards + 2 patreon-exclusive articles per month + 1 patreon-exclusive video per month + special mention in our weekly newsletter!
$10 or more: Super Sub – previous rewards + exclusive early bird access to future podcasts, merchandise and magazines!
$15 or more: First Teamprevious rewards + a ‘sponsored’ place on our site + a ‘sponsored’ place at the start of 1 YouTube video/month + a Skype call to discuss all things Lazio for our YouTube channel!


Thank you for all your support over the past few months!

The Laziali