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Lazio president Claudio Lotito, Source:

The biancoceleste president spoke on stage at the Premio Calabrese 2018: he spoke about the present, future, and the market.

Yesterday, it was Igli Tare who spoke at the ‘Football Leader’ ceremony to talk about the biancocelesti players who will be able to return to the centre of market rumours in the next weeks of negotiations. Today, to speak was Claudio Lotito.

The president of Lazio was present at the Premio Calabrese 2018 and after being on stage he also took note of the season just ended and the ambitions and expectations regarding Inzaghi’s team in view of next season: “Today we have a solid club who can see the future with great confidence. The sporting aspect is linked with imponderable factors, even if we have gotten some satisfaction. When I got here, the was a principle that more you spend, the more you win, I overturned that”.

“I think the most important thing was bringing 70,000 people back to the stadium. Lazio has recovered its fans. That of the president is a delicate position. Presidents cultivate common feelings and passions that have the obligation to preserve and pass on. We need to represent, through the champions who take the field, a model of values of sport, the merit that has failed especially in Italy”.

And then: “I have not spoken for three years and I often read absurd things, they are cumbersome and annoying. In life there are those who are the protagonist and those who are not. I hope that Lazio is remembered well, we have won some trophies. Combining the result on the field with the economic one is very important. In the past, the other teams did not knock, today they have to ask permission”.

Finally we move on to talk about the missed Champions League goal: “The qualification for the next Champions League? I do not like doing conspiracies, we have lost, then recriminating if it is right or not is useless. Lazio could have ranked differently, it was recognized by everyone. I brought VAR and goal line technology. We are trying to make this sport better because the fundamental principle is that it has to win merit, in football you cannot pretend. The facts are there for all to see, like budgets that are public”.

“De Vrij at Inter? We knew Stefan had an agreement with Inter, but we had confidence in the professionalism of the player. We made choices, Inzaghi and I. Inter should have avoided putting people in difficult positions. If you have the contract since January, why do you say you deposited it before the game? For Milinkovic, I turned down 110 million on August 29th, I do not know how much he is worth today. But it is not a price problem, he is fine at Lazio”.