Head to Head: Danilo Cataldi vs Alessandro Murgia

Cataldi Murgia
Danilo Cataldi + Alessandro Murgia

Alessandro Murgia seems destined to continue his story with Lazio next season under the guidance of Simone Inzaghi to try to grow even further. Murgia also built on his legacy with Lazio when scoring the decisive goal in the Super Cup final against Juventus.  Another young midfielder in Lazio, Danilo Cataldi, instead seems to be on his way out the door once more, as a pawn in order to work out a deal with Atalanta or Sassuolo to sign other players.

Cataldi that once turned down the both Manchester clubs in order to stay at his beloved Lazio is just returning from a season long loan at Benevento who got relegated.

The more hot-tempered Danilo has not yet convinced Simone Inzaghi of a place on the Lazio midfield. And in all honesty, Cataldi hasn’t shown the skill or potential needed to be a starter for Lazio that seeks Champions League. At the same time Cataldi has earlier made no secret that he now seeks to play more regularly. Maybe is that not possible in Lazio. Not now. Not ever. Maybe that’s why he’s not needed in Inzaghi’s plans?

The more timid Alessandro Murgia with his school-boy look seems more relaxed about keeping a place behind the oh so important dynamo Marco Parolo in the midfield. To instead learn from one of the more experienced and grow more slowly.

Another thing about Inzaghi’s apparent trust and favouritism for Murgia rather than Cataldi is perhaps explained by the fact that Murgia is more of an Inzaghi palyer. This is apparent since Inzaghi had Murgia in the Primavera and not Cataldi. When Cataldi celebrated the primavera scudetto in 2013, it was coach Alberto Bollini who was in charge.

Maybe it’s harsh to state that Inzaghi’s decisions is based on prestige and vanity, but it’s clear that Inzaghi knows Murgia more in a way and Murgia also more understands the football Inzaghi wants to play. Cataldi hasn’t been able to adapt and show that he’s to be trusted the confidence.

Cataldi plays with more risk in his style of play and has a more out-spoken way to behave. We all also remember his altercation with Strootman in the derby when Wallace lost his head. Alessandro Murgia on the other hand is often seen as a player that you really want to show more of his skills and take more risk when he’s on the pitch. He usually plays safe short passes and then takes a new position. His main trait seems to be that he plays with consistency.

But maybe Murgia is just doing what is expected of him, to play with consistency, calm and concentration. Like Parolo does and which Cataldi rarely does.

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