Lotito: ”Lazio will have a stadium before Roma”

Claudio Lotito, Source- CalcioWeb

Claudio Lotito, Source- CalcioWeb

For a very long time there have been discussions of new stadium projects from Lazio and rivals Roma. James Pallotta’s Roma have seemingly been in the front race with long-term discussions with the authorities and current Rome mayor Virginia Raggi, but they’ve had their project repeatedly interrupted by Italian bureaucracy.

Claudio Lotito has commented all this, saying that “Lazio should be granted the same favor and treatment as Roma – the ability to also build a stadium for Lazio“. Many have argued that Claudio Lotito has made it his plan to just sit back and let Roma make all the moves and mistakes and that way pave the way with the Italian authorities: to sort of use James Pallotta and Roma for both Lazio and his own means. Lotito himself owns land along Via Tiberina where it’s thought that Lazio’s stadium would be built. He seemingly sits silent and observes for now.

Roma has been forced to change their original plans and reduce their commercial ambitions due to demands to restore the archeological and environmental aspects of Tor di Valle. Lotito has often criticized the Roma project of “not being sustainable” such as aspects of infrastructure and safety

Recently more has come from the mouth of Claudio Lotito on the matter. At the Pietro Calabrese award, the patron of Lazio issued some statements regarding the construction timing of the “Stadio delle Aquile”. Here are the words that Radio Radio reported: “The stadium of Lazio will be built before that of Roma”.

Maybe Lotito is thinking of a more straight up and scaled stadium for Lazio and not so much a big business project in order to push ahead of Roma in the stadium race. He’s certainly bidding his time to wait for his response in real action.

In time, we will see what his words are worth.

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