Jordan Lukaku
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Following Lazio’s nearly-complete acquisition of Danish left-back Riza Durmisi from Real Betis; questions are starting to be raised about the future of Jordan Lukaku. Reports from Radiosei, via Lalaziosiamonoi, have revealed that the 23-year-old Belgian left-back is currently not interested in a contract renewal. His current contract expires in 2020 and a number of clubs have been reportedly interested over the years.

Most notably, interest from the Premier League both before and after Lukaku signed for Lazio; which could see the young Belgian play against his brother Romelu next season.

With Durmisi signing for Lazio, Lukaku has every right to feel that his position is under threat; because it is. However, this competition could potentially give Lukaku the motivation he needs to develop as a player. Not only this but, if he remains at Lazio, he can learn from both Durmisi and Lulic in order to bolster his attributes.

The signing of Riza Durmisi will also allow Lulic to be deployed in central midfield positions so there really is just Lukaku and Durmisi competing for the left-back position. Lukaku settled for the bench often in the 17/18 season and was fairly impactful from the bench. However, his 90 minute form needs some work but this will only come with time.