Mateja Kezman Source: Mondo


The potential sale of Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is every agent’s dream this summer. The only person who can claim “rights” on Milinkovic however, is Mateja Kezman, his true agent at the current moment.

Kezman had promised his good friend Igli Tare the promising midfielder the summer when Sergej declined Fiorentina to come to Lazio: it all came down to a promise made, and a promise held – a promise that also consisted of making Sergej one of the best midfielders there is. Of course in the process, is Kezman who is set to become a very rich man.

However, It has been suggested that Sergej could ditch agent Mateja Kezman, switching to the agency of Portuguese-man Jorge Mendes.The super agent, does not want to step aside. At least that is how it looked like last December when rumors about the possible arrival of the Serbian midfielder at Manchester United began to circulate. On that occasion – as recalled by the press review of Radiosei – Jorge Mendes became the bridge between the English club and the Biancoceleste. Mendes, as of late, has had excellent relations with Lazio, as demonstrated by the negotiations with Lazio in the last transfer market with Keita Baldé being sold to Monaco, and the arrival of the youngsters Pedro Neto and Bruno Jordao.

Sergej has stated: “I have to reiterate that I have certainly not changed agents. Kezman and his partners are like family to me, and together we’re stronger than ever. We started a journey five years ago and we want to get to the top, all of us together!”

Also in December, exclusive to the microphones of, Kezman had shown that he did not like the intrusion of Mendes. “I’m the only one who can discuss Sergej’s future with Lazio”, he said. Afterwards, everyone was well seen trying to go deeper into the matter.

The latest news on the fate of the Serbian player,  the player to Real Madrid, opens the door to new scenarios because in the event that he actually gets to the table of negotiations with Real Madrid, the Spanish club could add an extra chair to those reserved for the curators of the interests of the midfielder: Jorge Mendes’ past experience with Real Madrid could be useful for Lazio. Perhaps thanks to his mediation, the Spaniards could offer what is requested by President Lotito, without ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

At this point, Kezman and Mendes would find themselves seated one in front of the other: to divide between the two, there would be only 20-30 million in commissions coming out from the deal.

What would that leave of the partnership between Tare-Kezman, and future deals? Would it be worth bringing Mendes into the negotiations?