Report: Potential new areas for the “Stadio delle Aquile”

The Stadio Olimpico, Source- Since1900

The Stadio Olimpico, Source- Since1900


”We will build a stadium before Roma”, were the words of president Claudio Lotito last week.

A phrase to effect, a way to attract media attention and perhaps make a prediction: to work with the lights off, without hiding his desire to build a stadium that can be the home of all Lazio fans, it is a dream that soon hopefully become a reality. 

According to Radiosei in a press review, the hypothesis is still to be the construction on Lotito’s land in the Tiberina area for the new Stadio delle Aquile.

In the meantime, however, new areas are also said to be probed and areas near Fiumicino and Guidonia have been mentioned. 

The real question remains however: when will Lazio and Lotito move from just words to action?

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