Wesley Moraes
Wesley Moraes – Source: Voetbalkrant

If one transfer was nearly guaranteed for Lazio fans; it would be that of Wesley Moraes.

Wesley, as he is known, is 21-years-old and has been heavily linked with coming to Lazio to fill the role of vice-Immobile. Today, Paulo Nemhy, one of Moraes’ agents, said the following: “Wesley will be a Lazio player. I think everything will be resolved before the start of pre-season, we have an agreement and my only desire is that he plays in Rome.”

The two clubs are still negotiating to find a price, yet it has been suggested that currently they sit around €5m apart in valuation; which Lazio may be attempting to fix with the addition of a part-exchange. Regardless, a deal is expected to be found within the coming week and Lazio fans everywhere will be excited to see their new man in action.

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