Simone Inzaghi’s promise to Silvio Proto

Proto in a game for Anderlecht. | Source:

Lazio’s latest signing, the Belgian veteran goalkeeper Silvio Proto, is a much welcome and needed backup to Thomas Strakosha for the coming season. Ivan Vargic and Guido Guerrieri failed to pick up the gloves behind Strakosha last season and offer a good alternative when needed. This meant that Thomas Strakosha was forced to play when he should have been given some needed rest and was rushed to recover from injuries.

However, to be able to attract a player with his curriculum and quality you of course need to offer something on the table. Belgian media is stating that Lazio and Simone Inzaghi has promised Proto that he will be playing the games in the Italian Cup and in the Europa League.

Thomas Strakosha will therefore be playing in the Serie A when able. The intent is to stimulate the young goalkeeper with an experienced goalkeeper behind him able to offer both advice and a pair of stable gloves when needed. 

Is it right to make these kind of promises to attract a player? Let us know!

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