Moggi: “Lazio is one the five strongest clubs in all of Italy”

With the World Cup starting to reach the final stages, the lively and wild summer transfer market has finally begun to pick up pace. Luciano Moggi, a former Italian football administrator, was stopped by the microphones of Radio Incontro Olympia today, where he started with praise for the Biancocelesti management:

“I can honestly say that Lazio was taken to its lowest terms over the past 10 years but now the club has turned around, and is one of the five strongest clubs in all of Italy. I honour what Claudio Lotito and Igli Tare have done so far, as they are carrying an incredible club, succeeding once again. The work they do is very good”.

On Milinkovic-Savic: “Ronaldo to Juventus will cancel any chance of Milinkovic switching clubs. I think it’s a shame, because Juve misses just one player of his quality: playing the Serbian with Pjanic would be tremendous as they would complement each other very well. Milinkovic would play a qualitative role, he’s a complete player who would do well for any team in Italy.”

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