Report: Lotito to try to push for new sponsorship deal?

According to earlier reports, Lazio may be losing out on a new sponsorship deal with Marathonbet. This because of the new ”Decree of Dignity” that stops any involvement between betting companies and football clubs. The deal would have granted Lazio 7 million euros per season on a three year deal if signed. This has led to Lazio needing to possibly re-negotiate a new deal with former shirt sponsors Seleco where the current deal expired on the 30th of June. If not, Lazio will need to be on the hunt for a new sponsor, and fast.

In terms of Marathonbet, there may still be an opening in letting the deal occur for at least one year. For this to happen, the deal would need to be granted by the President of the Republic Mattarella. In addition, this would need to be done soon, the latest, before the beginning of next week. Lazio has had a meeting with lawyers and the deal seems feasible: Lazio and Lotito will hope for changes made to the ”Decree of Dignity”.


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