Bianchessi: ”There are too many foreign youth players of poor quality at Lazio”


He discovered several Italian footballers with talent when he was in Milan and Atalanta, and now his skills are at the service of Lazio: Mauro Bianchessi, who has a year responsible for the biancoceleste youth sector, spoke in a long interview with Radiosei of his experience in Rome so far and in general about the world of football.

Bianchessi talked about how parental influence is important on children to make good choices for their development. On the choice to come to Lazio, Bianchessi has admitted to opting for the Biancoceleste was mainly to work with President Lotito, while on future goals he wanted to be clear: “I am convinced that in three years we will begin to see the fruits (relating to growth). This year we decided to raise the bar: we want the playoffs with Under 17, 16 and 15 and win the Under 14 and 13 championships.”

Finally, Bianchessi has said “with pride Lazio is now is ocvercoming the competition of the big clubs to signing several young players”, adding a personal thought about foreigners in Italian football: ”I do not think that there are too many foreigners, I think there are too many foreigners of poor quality, especially in the youth sector.”

Bianchessi had earlier stated that a team like Lazio should depend on young Italian players rather than unknown foreign players that you are unaware of how they will adapt. If a foreign player would be bought it should be because the player is thought to soon be included in the senior squad and have superior quality to other Italian talents.


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