Immobile’s agent Moggi: “Ciro would be a great purchase for Milan, no doubt”

Ciro Immobile is to remain with Lazio or will listen to Milan’s offer, which he has thought of long before the UEFA decision that put a stop on the market. To clarify the future of the Italian National striker, the player’s agent, Alessandro Moggi, was intervened on 7gold during the Direct Transfer Market transmission with

Ciro Immobile remains with Lazio? What is true behind the contact with Milan before the halt from UEFA?

“Immobile is quiet and can stay at Lazio, with which we are talking about a further renewal of his contract. It is clear that although there has been interest from Milan, there may interest from other parties. But, he is very tied to the world of Lazio and we will go on like this. However, if you can sell Cristiano Ronaldo you can sell anyone”.

Is it wrong to say that Immobile was Milan’s main goal?

“It was a goal, I do not know if it was Milan’s number one goal, you would have to ask them. But Milan is unfortunately experiencing very complex events and therefore the Milan market will not be very open – when corporate issues and the issues with UEFA are clarified then they will be ok once again”.

So do you think Milan will manage to solve this situation with a new partner or will it still be a zero-balance market?

“Even in this case, it will take time, but without a doubt, this will be managed. It will be Elliott or it will be another partner. I do believe that if a new owner were to arrive, the US funding would represent a positive change. I think Milan from the sporting point of view needs a couple of minor adjustments and, among this, certainly a striker”.

Ciro Immobile…

“Ciro would be a great purchase for Milan, no doubt. He is the striker of the Italian National team, and is the most important Italian striker of the Serie A TIM currently. He also had the misfortune to get injured in the last three games otherwise he would have continued to duel with Salah, Ronaldo, and Messi for the Golden Boot. It would be an important purchase for Milan if they had the chance to make this reality. When Milan can reach an agreement with an  important striker, then they will also improve their ranking from last season”.

The duo of Gattuso-Immobile?

“If Gattuso would have had a 15/18 scorer from a striker per season, he would probably have reached a better position in the standings despite a bad start. If there had not been the misfortune of Astori and the interruption of the championship, playing the derby in his best moment would have been the turning point”.


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