Lazio to present the new 2018/19 kits on Thursday at Rinascente di via del Tritone

Subscriptions and memberships are on the way – Lazio has confirmed the presentation of two of the new shirts for Thursday at the Rinascente in Via del Tritone. For the fans, it will also be an opportunity to meet some of the biancocelesti players.

In the morning, the season ticket campaign will be announced, which will not be much different from the prices and offers of the last season.

Decreto Dignità, Source- NewsstandHub

In terms of a sponsor for the jerseys there is still an issue. After the contract with Seleco expired, and Marathonbet’s 21 million euro deal being declined, Lazio and its lawyers are working hard and diligently to try to find the best way to sign the agreement with Marathonbet without running into problems with the Decree of Dignity, which is aimed at curbing a dramatic rise in the problem surrounding gambling. One offer is to be able to keep the sponsor on the jersey for at least a year, while another offer is having the sponsor removed after a few months. Last night, Lazio met Seleco’s top management to settle some issues related to non-payment and discussed possible new agreements due to this hold-up.

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