Edy Reja and Roberto Baronio to strengthen Napoli’s youth sector

Napoli’s primavera team has – in terms of their large club size and capability – for a long time under-achieved. That is something that Napoli’s president Aurelio De Laurentiis hopes to change by bringing in the former Lazio and Napoli coach Edy Reja as the new man responsible for the youth sector.

“Reja is returning to us and with Gianluca Grava he’ll be in charge of the youth academy,” De Laurentiis said. “It is always said that the northern clubs come and poach our local talent, but now we hope to find them first.”

It is also reported that the former Lazio player and assistant coach of the Italy U17-team Roberto Baronio will be the new coach for the Napoli Primavera. He is said to have been chosen over the former Lazio Primavera coach and former assistant coach of Edy Reja, Alberto Bollini. According to De Laurentis, Alberto Bollini rather wanted to continue to be head coach for a team in Serie B.


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