Still use in Lazio signing Wesley Moraes despite Papu Gomez rumours

If you have been keeping up with the rumours surrounding who will be the vice for Immobile, you might be convinced that Lazio have dropped attempts at Club Brugge’s Wesley Moraes. According to Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, that is far from the truth however and there is still progress on that front for the Brazilian: “There is still use for Wesley – despite last season’s goals from Caicedo and during the friendly matches this year so far, Lazio needs someone better as a vice-Immobile.”

Wesley Moraes, Source- Krant van West-Vlaanderen

This is the first news in about a week that has been publicly stated on Wesley Moraes and it comes at a curious time – one where Lazio are still trying to fill the Felipe Anderson void, with Papu Gomez said to be the desired and wanted replacement. Though Caicedo is at Auronzo with the squad, the mere mention of a signing for his position should feel threatening. The fans were certainly not happy with his performance, and Inzaghi is looking for a player to rely on for next season’s push for Champions League. Ina addition, it is important to mention the fact that Leeds United and Real Betis were among those interested in purchasing the striker so far this summer.

Felipe Caicedo after a missed opportunity, Source- Getty Images

It would more than likely be best to send Caicedo away to bring in new talent. Moraes is an undoubted upgrade not just in age, but in physical stature as well as potential growth. Caicedo is nearing the end of his career and there does not seem to be much reason to keep the player other than failure to sign someone else.

Bastos – Source: talkSPORT

Furthermore, it is uncertain what Bastos’ future is going to be and it could so happen that he stays as Igli Tare has yet to name a second center-back to work along-side Acerbi. Il Messaggero states “another defensive-role player is also needed, though Bastos wishes to remain at Lazio.” Bastos is not in as much danger. While keeping him would not be the worst decision in the world, he should be wary if Tare starts whispering a younger name.

Though key errors were made by both last season, Caicedo ultimately failed in his role entirely while Bastos at least gave serviceable jobs in some games. While the transfer to replace Caicedo has had much more progress, there seems to still be trouble in finding a suitable center-back that could replace Bastos. Both of the initial defensive targets were met and so Bastos staying is not a far-fetched idea.

Patric is also making the rounds again coming back from an unspecified injury. Not much is known at this point as to what happened but he is currently at Auronzo with the squad. However, that doesn’t mean much for the 25-year-old right-back. Currently there is not much room for him on the squad, and rumors are that was the reason he was sent off in the first place. It is likely that is going to be the case once again, either through a loan or a permanent sale to another team.


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