Lazio pre-season watch: Day 4 in Auronzo di Cadore


Morning Training

Players arrived today at the Zandegiacomo Stadium for the beginning of training. Exercises started with the usual ground work and rubber bands.

By 10:30 AM the group returned to run on the shore of the lake with Inzaghi on his bicycle.

Inzaghi stopped for some moments to take selfies with the fans, and after the session was completed, the players refreshed their bodies at the lake of Santa Caterina.


After the events a conference session occurred with Luiz Felipe fielding his opinion on the squad’s training, readiness level, and other subjects:

“Our preparation went very well and the squad is in excellent condition for the coming season. I have to repeat what I did last year which was a good year, but now we start from ground zero. The group is very united and we can go far. I arrived here (Auronzo) and people didn’t expect me to play as I did but when people watch young players they can be surprised.”

On the defenders: “We don’t need anymore defenders, Acerbi is as great player as De Vrij was. We have six great defenders.”

On the new acquisitions: “Great players have arrived, Durmisi, Proto, Berisha, Sprocati, Acerbi, so we are already ok, but a few more players would put us in a better position.”

On Anderson: “He was a great player but another will probably arrive. The team is working on it.”

All photos and images were sourced from radiosei FM 98.100.


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