The other Felipe growing into his role

After bursting onto the scene last year on defence, and gaining the trust of Inzaghi, Luiz Felipe is already starting to sound like a veteran with his personality and confidence.

When asked about the transfer market, Luiz Felipe responded : “We’ve acquired some strong players, Acerbi like De Vrij, but if we could reinforce the squad some more it would be even better for all of us.” When asked about Felipe Anderson’s exit he answered “It’s a big loss for the team , he’s a great player. Now we need to find a player of his caliber to replace him, and I’m sure he will come shortly.”

He finished off by talking about his personal growth this past season “Last year I had a great season, but it is now in the past. I need to improve even more. This is a great group that can accomplish big things. When I arrived at Lazio, no one thought I would grow to become the player I am today and that is the beauty of calcio.” We can only hope Luiz Felipe builds on last years season and becomes a pillar in Lazio’s starting 11 for years to come.

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