Inzaghi: “The goal is to mold players so that they themselves bring their play to a higher level”

Lazio vs RB Salzburg, Source- Zimbio

Error after error, bit by bit, the last season saw a heartbreaking end to what was initially an amazing run unexpected from the Eagles all due to the Lazio defense. Hyper-lethal offense, with puppy dog defense. That could accurately describe the performance. It is no surprise then that Inzaghi is pushing the new defensive side incredibly hard.

Il Messaggero states: “Three minutes against Inter, four against Salzburg. In total only seven minutes of game time erased the peerless record that could have been for the biancoceleste ’17/’18 season. Personality issues and lack of concentration surely to blame.”

The Inter match was heartbreaking, especially considering the stadium had been sold out with fans. The message is very clear however: A Lazio that performs, is a Lazio with potentially record-setting appeal.

Simone Inzaghi has now targeted his exercises towards two things: synergy and responsibility. Putting the defense in extreme situations to heighten their stress levels, where the players cannot lose their flow or thought. If they do “the exercise is stopped and the player is scolded immediately” writes Il Messaggero.

Inzaghi states that concentration must always be highly tuned, no slack in pace, and does so with the “palla su palla” (ball on ball) method, requiring defenders to exhaust every single option over and over again pressuring each decision that is made. With this, comes constant shouting from the coaching staff, Inzaghi included, so the players do not drop rhythm.

“The goal is to mold players so that they themselves will bring their play to such a level during the game” states the Il Messaggero.

Inzaghi is attempting to focus in on areas where catastrophes occur by forcing them to happen, and calling them out in a way that the player wont soon forget. The path is clear with hardship. Inter becoming stronger, Juventus obtaining CR7, and Roma being handed a bag of cash. With Roma and Inter fighting Lazio for Baselli from Torino.

Lazio must be among the top 5 in the league in terms of defense next year or they might as well forget about any hopes of being among the champions of Europe. With Acerbi taking leadership, and more friendlies to come, now is the time for the Eagles to prove that they have what it takes to make another Champions League push.


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