Agent of Wesley Moraes: “He will be a Lazio player”

Wesley Moraes – Source: Voetbalkrant contacted the agent of Club Brugge’s Wesley Moraes ahead of the reported move to bring the Brazilian to Rome. The deal has been reportedly on for at least the last month, yet there have been a number of factors block the deal; Lazio’s need to free up a non-EU spot, Brugge’s price demands, etc.

Speaking exclusively to, Paulo Nemhy said:

“The negotiation to bring Wesley to Lazio is not absolutely blocked, rather it is under development, we expect a total agreement between Lazio and Bruges. Among other things, I was informed that, on Sunday, Tare will reach the player. What figures are we talking about? I can not go into details but I’m positive, and I think, the operation can end soon. If everything remains as agreed, Wesley will be a Lazio player.”

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