Lazio pre-season watch: Day 5 and 6 in Auronzo di Cadore

Lazio practicing keep away with Immobile in the middle. | Source: Radiosei facebook page

Day 5

At Auronzo in the morning the players went to Zandegiacomo stadium for their beginning session. Inzaghi was at the field for 15 minutes and by this point and his staff with him to prepare the session. The training began in the gym with aerobic exercises.

Then the team moved to the field for defensive tactics. Inzaghi decided to divide the defenders into two trios: Bastos, Acerbi, Radu was the first; Wallace, Luiz Felipe, Filippini was the second. After the training was complete most compliments were reserved for Wallace and Bastos, a sure sign of progress. Strakosha was the only goalie not present Thursday during the drills.

Inzaghi watches over the afternoon training session on Day 5. | Source: Radiosei facebook page

Day 6

Lazio staff and players just before exercises start on Day 6 | Source: Radiosei facebook page

The team began on the field with ground work and band exercises. Then, they moved on to a regular run around the lake with Simone Inzaghi and the rest of their staff on their bicycles.

Lazio starting band exercises on the Auronzo field | Source: Radiosei facebook page

After the run, Immobile and other players spent their time with the younger fans signing autographs and taking a large group photo. The exercises then resumed. First there were band exercises to warm-up, followed by ball drills on the trampoline, and then goalie drills.


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