The Laziali will have a five-piece feature piece surrounding a “Lazio Team of Legends” since the birth of the club in 1900. This team was selected by the Laziali fan base who voted in polls on Twitter in 2019; firstly a piece on the manager and goalkeeper, secondly a piece on the defenders, thirdly a piece on the midfielders, fourthly a piece on the attackers, and finally a piece on the substitutes. Below, a glance at the starting 11 and 8 subs of the squad.

The “Lazio Team of Legends” Squad

First thing’s first – it was nearly impossible to decide between starting Silvio Piola or Giorgio Chinaglia (center-forward position); and Giuseppe Signori or Vincenzo D’Amico (left-wing position) as the voting came to a tie. The amount of power at the front line cannot be denied with either decision. Lazio has a history of incredible forwards. If there was an argument that may slightly edge one setup as starters in favor over the other, it would be that Piola/Signori are both easier to control when coaching versus Chinaglia. Chinaglia is wild and even with manager Tommaso Maestrelli and teammate D’Amico to support him, keeping the formation would be an uncertainty. By a razor-thin margin, Piola and Signori were picked to start. For the right-wing, Renzo Garlaschelli was the obvious choice having no other equal. The midfield saw a few interesting picks in Matías Jesús Almeyda instead of Diego Simeone starting. To no surprise, Luciano Re Cecconi was picked for the right-midfield role and Juan Sebastián Verón as a consistent starting pick for the left-midfield. At the center-half positions, Nesta was the top choice on everyone’s list along with Siniša Mihajlović, and Giuseppe Wilson as a sub. Paolo Negro was chosen at right-back with Massimo Oddo as a sub, though the two were close for the starting position. At left-back, Giuseppe Favalli makes a starting appearance with Luigi Martini being the sub. The goalkeeper position was no contest as Angelo Peruzzi was unanimously chosen to start, with Marchegiani as a sub. Below the full squad.


Tommaso Maestrelli


Center Foward: Silvio Piola (Sub: Giorgio Chinaglia); Left Wing: Giuseppe Signori (Sub: Vincenzo D’Amico); Right Wing: Renzo Garlaschelli.


Left Mid: Juan Sebastián Verón; Center Mid: Matías Jesús Almeyda (Sub: Diego Simeone); Right Mid: Luciano Re Cecconi.


Left Back: Giuseppe Favalli (Sub: Luigi Martini); Center Back: Alessandro Nesta; Center Back: Siniša Mihajlović (Sub: Giuseppe Wilson); Right Back: Paolo Negro (Sub: Massimo Oddo)


Angelo Peruzzi (Sub: Luca Marchegiani).

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