The Hunt for A Vice-Immobile: Alessandro Rossi or Wesley Moraes?

All summer there has been the “truth” that striker Wesley Moraes from Club Brugge will be the new vice-Immobile this season. But what if that would be the wrong approach?

Alessandro Rossi was the top scorer of the Primavera before he left on loan to Salernitana last season in Serie B. His season had its up and downs without any real continuity due to results and constant changes. As a Lazio player he has also tried to work uphill since the Salernitana fans have really not wanted to see those types of players in the squad and because of the club has become frustrated with the idea of being considered as a sort of “B” team to Lazio.

Alessandro had a loan move to Swiss club FC Luzern all said to be complete. However, in the end a few days ago, he returned to the Lazio summer training camp in all haste. According to reports, it was said that the clubs had not been able to conclude a deal. But why did Rossi then leave the camp in the first place? Did the performance in the friendly game against Auronzo matter and actually gave Lazio and Inzaghi potential second thoughts?

If Wesley Moraees would not play at least 20+ games this season, it seems that paying nearly 15 million euros including possible bonuses for him would be a pretty hefty price tag per game. Aside from that, Lazio have a probable substitute for Felipe Anderson likely to be bought who also needs to get his minutes per millions. Lazio has not also really played with a tall forward that need crosses to perform and score goals since Miroslav Klose: Lazio’s attack has pretty much been played vertically down the pitch with fast through balls in the channels on the counter attack.

Th Biancocelesti need a young striker who will not demand to play every game and both Wesley Moraes and Rossi fits the bill. However, instead of having a pricey striker on the bench, a player that is eager and willing for every two minutes he would get on the field for his Lazio is Rossi – a player that is already familiar with the tactics of Simone Inzaghi. After all, Wesley is a young Brazilian coming from a minor league after a good season. Will he even adapt to a footballers life in Italy?

If we then need a towering forward to throw on the pitch to change things around, we already have Felipe Caicedo on the books. He might not be the best striker there is, but he is always willing to put in the effort when he is given the chance.

If you would rather buy a player that is able to both play as a creative secondary striker as well as up front – maybe Lazio really should buy players similar to Lucas Perez or Andrej Kramaric instead to serve those purposes?

What do you think? Be sure to let us know!


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