0’ Start of match: Lazio seem to be playing quickly right off the bat

1’ Berisha makes good pass to Luis Alberto on left-wing, who crosses it in beautifully to Rossi, Rossi shoots on-target but Triestina keeper makes a great save

1.5’ Wallace stops a fast-break with a great slide tackle

2’ Rossi pressures Triestina defender, forcing a bad pass; Wallace hits the ball out to stop the Triestina attack but give them a throw-in

3’ Luis Alberto cross up to Rossi from right-side but it’s a tad too much power and goes to Triestina’s goalie. Rossi was in great position to shoot

4’ Minala to Alberto, back to Minala, up to Durmisi (bad touch), back to Minala, no options so sent back to defense

4.5’ Cross from defense up to Durmisi but the ball is difficult and goes out off of Durmisi’s chest

4.5’ Radu has a great interception off a Triestina throw-in, defense slows down play

5’ Radu cross to Murgia, Murgia headers to Rossi, but its a bit high and goes to keeper, fast-break onto Lazio’s side by Triestina but Radu stops the play hits to Proto and ball is safe

5.5’ Lucas Leiva to Alberto, Alberto to Durmisi back to Alberto, Alberto gets caught and tries to pass back but it’s wayward, tries to get control back but fouls Triestina player

6’ Lazio fouled on header challenge, Radu gets ball, to Durmisi, back to Luiz Felipe, dangerous ball so Lucas Leiva boots it up and Basta controls well passes up but is intercepted

8’ Radu stops fast-break on Lazio’s left-side for Triestina throw-in, bad throw-in caught by Proto

8.5’ Radu up to Alberto after great touch from play switch, back to Lucas Leiva, cross to Basta has great control, back to Felipe who runs up through 5 defenders but passes too late trying for an open Durmisi, bad mistake as Triestina get a great fast break

9’ Triestina ruin their chance for a goal with Felipe gone from post and Felipe gets back in time to stop pass into box out for corner on Lazio’s Left-side

10’ Corner is good but Triestina player hits it far above goal, Goal-kick

11’ Radu brilliant slide-tackle on Triestina through-ball stops forward play, Lazio regain possession

12’ Basta throws-in but no one is really open, Lazio lose possession and Lucas Leiva stops dangerous play by heading it out for Triestina throw-in

13’ Lucas Leiva stops another play, sends to Durmisi who sends to Wallace, to Proto to slow play

13.5’-14.5’ Foul on Lazio, free-kick on Lazio’s own half, Wallace switches play up to Alberto, Radu, back to Alberto, Alberto to Murgia, to Alberto, to Minala, to Alberto, to Durmisi on left side great cross in to Rossi, defender blocks fast finish but Minala captures it and scores! GOAL! Lazio 1-0 Triestina!

15’ Durmisi stops dangerous cross on Lazio’s right-side. Luis Alberto receive ball from Murgia, he is wide open, out dribbles first man but no one to pass to and loses ball to defender

16’ Wallace stops long play setup by Triestina, Durmisi ends up with ball on left-side but has to give back to Radu who crosses deep but it’s blocked and finds its way to Minala who makes bad pass and possession is lost

17’ Rossi makes a bad foul on driving Triestina player, free-kick situation on Lazio’s left-side own half about 40 yards out

18’ Triestina play ball but make an awful cross to Lazio’s right-side, out for Goal-kick

18.5’-19’ Lazio defense passing back and forth to open options, massive switch to Basta and controls masterfully, to Minala, to Radu, up to Durmisi, back to Radu, to Minala, to Radu, to Alberto, and back to Radu who makes a bad cross which the goalie captures

20’ Murgia makes great interception and hits up field but team-mate is off-balance and loses ball, cross far back is bad and goes out for Lazio Goal-kick

21’ Felipe stops a through ball, but loses possession on a bad lobbed pass, Wallace gets control back

21.5’ Felipe stops a run on Eagle’s right side

22.5’ Bad foul from Lucas Leiva on opponents half

24’ Rossi is gifted a ball but it gets slightly ahead of his feet, Leiva recovers it in opponents box but isn’t fast enough to finish before the keeper comes out to control it

25’ Poor challenge from Minala on Eagle’s left side ends in a foul call

26’ Triestina makes a good cross in-front of goal but no one there to finish it

27’ Alberto drives down right-wing, makes a brilliant cross but no one on far post to receive it, but Durmisi takes control from Triestina’s defender

28’ Alberto shaky pass to Rossi but controls it, Rossi perfect through ball to Minala, Minala gets challenged hard by Triestina in box but angle is too tough to see if it is a foul. No call from ref.

29’ Alberto makes a brilliant through-ball to Rossi, Rossi controls well but defender just barely touches the ball putting it off, Rossi passes to right-wing but defender knocks it out for corner

29.5’-31’ Bad corner cross, break away for Triestina, Luiz Felipe makes a brilliant slide tackle stopping the play. Murgia is down on opponents half, injury seems painful. Triestina player kicked his shin with studs showing. Play is stopped. Murgia is helped off field slightly limping.

33’ Foul called for Eagles, free kick on own half

33’ Leiva makes excellent through ball from own half up to Jordao, Jordao to Minala but ball is a bit too hot to control, Rossi was open

35’ Another corner for Lazio, taken by Alberto, but Triestina knocks it out for another corner

36’ Cross is unsuccessful, Lazio control it again but Triestina knocks it off Lazio for a throw-in

36’ Wallace makes a great interception, passes it, but Triestina takes down an Eagle, free kick given on left side of opponents half to be taken by Alberto

37’ Great deep cross right in front of goal, Minala tries to head in but doesn’t jump high enough, Rossi was behind ready to take as well. Goes out for Triestina throw-in but Lazio take control again

38’ Radu great through-ball to Rossi but Rossi is offsides

39’ Jordao makes amazing challenge on Triestina defender, takes ball, shoots but ball is slightly off

40’ Proto makes a good save from left side shot, Triestina get lucky bounce, hit to center, Proto saves another ball that goes out for corner

41’ Durmisi stops a run on left side and gets a goal kick off Triestina’s winger

42’ Bad foul from Lucas Leiva at midfield, Triestina free-kick

43’ Rossi intercepts Triestina in fron of goal but gets double teamed with ball still in air and loses possession

44’ alberto to Jordao, Jordao to Durmisi, Durmisi cross in, Triestina heads back, Minala gets back crosses but Triestina keeper catches it

45’ Wallace stops retaliation on the Eagle’s right side

45’ Basta tries to switch play to Durmisi on own half but Triestina intercepts

45+1’ Luiz Felipe intercepts, sends to Lucas Leiva, Leiva through-ball to Luis Alberto, Luis Alberto attempts through-ball to a perfectly positioned Rossi but it’s a bit weak and Triestina intercepts.

Half-time: Lazio 1-0 Triestina



0’ Start of second-half

2’ Dangerous passing in front of goal, Triestina takes control in center of field, shoots but proto saves

3’ Caicedo makes through ball to Cataldi but ball bounced harshly, loses possession

4’ Acerbi controls opposition deep cross into Eagle territory masterfully, ends attacking play, Lazio regain possession

5’ Acerbi intercepts another cross heads to Parolo, Parolo sends to Caicedo, Caicedo to Parolo, Parolo to Immobile, infront of goal but off-balance Immobile sends back to Parolo infront of goal but he was taken down, ball lost

6’ Acerbi stops the break from lost ball

6.5’ Lombardi beautiful cross from RW into box but no one there to take it

7’-8’ Foul for Lazio, Free-kick from left-wing just outside box, cross too low Triestina blocks it, Lazio tries to get ball back but commits foul, free-kick for Triestina on their own side

9’ Cataldi gets ball on left side, amazing cross to far post, Lombardi heads in but is saved

11’ Parolo stops a play in center, Lazio regain possession, Cataldi to Lombardi on opponents own half but loses control through a bad pass

11.5’ Patric stops break on Eagle’s right side and regains possession

12’ Cataldi great ball to Left wing, cross into box from Lulic, punched away, Lazio try to fire a shot by passing to Caicedo but pass is too hot

13’ Patric and Parolo take possession from Triestina, pass it to Immobile who is 25+yds from goal, fires and SCORES IN LEFT TOP CORNER! Lazio 2-0 Triestina!!!!

14’ Lazio defense grabs an offsides call and regains possession

15’ Pass back to Proto is bad, causes corner situation

15.5’-16’ Immobile takes possession of lost corner from Triestina, passes to Lombardi, Lombardi to Cataldi, Cataldi rushes pass and through-balls to nobody missing an open Lombardi to his right

18’ Lazio stops a run on their right-wing, fouls, free-kick for Triestina. Bad free kick and Lazio hits out for corner on their left side

19’-20’ Caicedo clears a good cross into box, clearance is perfect. Lazio regains control and Bastos boots out for Triestin Throw-in but Lazio regain control again

21’ Parolo stops an offensive play in front of box, Lazio ball again, defenders pass between each other looking for options

22’ Ball is booted out, Immobile chases it down and takes it from defender, passes it in front of goal but is a bit too hot, goes out for goal kick Triestina

23’ Di Gennaro makes a great interception, dribbles through the entire defence but absolutely no one to pass to, tries to hold on for back-up but it comes to late, Triestina take back on fast break to Lazio goal but fire a bad shot. Goal-kick

24’ Cataldi makes very bad pass in midfield and loses possession

25’ Lulic stops attempt resulting from bad pass, goes out for Triestina corner on left side. Corner is extremely poor and Parolo clears for left-side throw-in

25.5’ Caicedo makes interception, hits to Cataldi, great run from Cataldi but again makes a bad attempt at a through-ball to Immobile and commits bad foul on Triestina player

27’ Acerbi another great interception stopping and offensive play, gets hit out on Triestina’s own side for left-side throw-in

28’ Di Gennaro bad foul on Triestina player, ball resume quickly, Bastos hits out for throw-in Triestina left-side

29’ Patric stops a through-ball play by holding up Triestina forward, goes out for a right-side corner Triestina

30’ Patric stops the corner from going to anyone, another corner, this time played back

30.5’ Bastos stops a cross into box and boots it out, comes back in but Lulic stops it again for throw-in

31’ Caicedo gets ball, dribbles through 2 midfielder and to Immobile, Immobile switched play to Lombardi perfect control, to Parolo, then back to Acerbi as no options left

32’ Patric to Parolo, back to Patric as he rushes up, to Lombardi, back to Patric but gets knocked out for Lazio throw-in

32.5’ Acerbi holds up attacker from fast-break through-ball allowing proto to pick up ball

33’ Caicedo to Parolo, Parolo to wing Lombardi, Lombardi send in Di Gennaro tries to go for it but barely misses the timing

34’ Parolo makes bad pass in midfield and loses possession, but Parolo stops the cross on the fast-break with a great header out of the box

35’ Parolo sends ball deep to Lulic on left-wing, Lulic great position dribbles through falls but shoots into the goal! Lazio 3-0!

36’ Acerbi to Patric, Patric boots up perfectly to Immobile with no one in front and is on sides, Immobile shoots a tad too late and goalies foot catches it out for Lazio corner on Triestina’s left side

37’ Corner is perfect into center but no one connects well enough, hit back to Proto, to Patric and slows down play

37.5’ Lombardi gets ball makes amazing cross to Immobile who heads it back into box but is strangely called out for goal-kick

Game cuts out for minutes 38’-40’

41’ Great play in midfield involving Lulic, Caicedo, Di Gennaro to keep possession under fast pressure

43’ Caicedo up front to Immobile, Immobile back to Lombardi, to Patric, switches play up to Lulic but possession is lost from a bad touch

44’ DiGennaro takes ball away from Triestina but is triple teamed and taken down, Bastos chases down and regains possession

44.5’ Immobile on left-wing makes great pass to Parolo, to Lombardi, Lombardi great cross inside but knocked out for corner on Triestina’s left side

45’ Sent to Patric who crosses it a bit too deep into the box and caught by goalie

45+1’ Lulic takes ball from Acerbi header interception of cross, up to Immobile, to Caicedo but Caicedo miss-judged distance and ball is lost. Pass could’ve been a tad better

45+1’ Foul call for Triestina on Lazio half, quickly resumed. Parolo hits it out for throw-in. Triestina sets up great cross in but Proto catched ball and saves

Full-Time: Lazio 3-0 Triestina



  • Rossi – 7.5
  • Immobile – 8.5
  • Lulic – 8.0
  • Radu – 7.5
  • Acerbi – 9.0
  • Proto – 8.0
  • Patric – 8.5
  • Cataldi – 5.5
  • Caicedo 6.5
  • Lombardi – 7.5
  • DiGennaro – 6.5
  • Leiva – 8.0
  • Durmisi – 7.5
  • Bastos – 8.0
  • Murgia – 7.0
  • Minala – 7.5
  • Alberto – 7.5
  • Basta – 7.5
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