Lukaku arrives for medical visits at the Paideia clinic

Arriving a few days later than the rest of the squad, the biancoceleste season will now begin for 24-year-old Jordan Lukaku.

The Belgian left wing-back had not initially trained with the rest of the team at the withdrawal at Auronzo, but he will join them tomorrow. A suspected injury is said to be the cause of his delayed arrival, however, today, on his birthday, he landed directly from Los Angles and directly reached the Paideia clinic.

He will perform the usual medical visits before reaching the rest of his Lazio teammates tomorrow at Auronzo di Cadore for the last part of the retreat: he missed the first two friendlies and will miss the third against Triestina today.

Jordan Lukaku arrives, Source- GDM
Jordan Lukaku arrives at Paideia clinic, Source- GDM


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