Lazio vs Triestina: Full Post Match interview with Immobile

Ciro Immmobile after 3-0 win over Triestina, Source- Official S.S.Lazio

Ready, start, goal. Ciro Immobile – Lazio’s #17 – for the last two years in Rome has been a scoring machine for the biancocelesti – it is no longer “luck”, it is skill. This pre-season, Immobile has also been “on fire” by firstly scoring 2 goals against the Top 11 Auronzo side, and scoring an amazing strike from outside the box today in a 3-0 victory against Triestina (Minala and Lulic the other scorers): King Ciro is back. Last year, Lazio’s Italian striker scored 41 goals in all competitions and he is now hungry to repeat himself, as stated in the press room after yesterday’s friendly match.

What are the goals for this upcoming season?

“We have to start from where we were last year, we have to improve on our weaknesses, those blackouts we’ve had. Personally everyone expects a lot, you can not always score 41 goals, but we can always do our best. I do not promise an avalanche of goals, but I will promise the sweaty jersey without a doubt. Being the striker, I have to realize what the team does. The experiences we had last season must cancel our blackouts – we lost the Europa League semifinals and Champions League in 10 minutes. We deserved it, but football is like that, however there is always an opportunity to make up for it”.

Renewal close

“It is obvious that there has been and is interest, but I have always remained serene, all summer. For the renewal Lazio have called me, we trust each other. I signed in November, and extending the contract again after 10 months is a source of pride for me. We are close to a renewal, Tare has a little to do, but as soon as we are free, we will complete everything. He and Lotito are men of their words, I’m calm under this point of view “.

On the new arrivals

“Acerbi knows the Serie A well, we do not have to explain anything to him; Valon has faced us last year and knows us; Sprocati has the right mentality; Durmisi is a very technical player, he will do well; and Proto is good, he already speaks Italian and he is a very intelligent man, he impressed me very much from this point of view “.

The new idol of for Laziali and Italy?

“When I look at a child who has my shirt name, I get excited. I went to sign autographs this year, then I had to go away because I was tired, or maybe because I was hungry (laughs). I thank the people of Lazio for what it has given me so far. “

The Champions League objective

“It was not a goal initially, it became a goal throughout the Serie A championship. Everyone is expecting a lot for how we played last year but repeating is not easy. Looking for continuity is what we want, Inzaghi pushes on this. We have to look at the calendar, last year we have to manage the forces well, we got tired at some matches – the calendar is like that.”

Cristiano Ronaldo as an opponent?

“When he arrived and signed with Juventus I thought, ‘thank goodness I won the Capocannoniere in time’. It will be difficult to face him, both in the field and in the scorers’ ranking of course. He has won that achievement many times and will try to do it here in Italy”

On the Italian National Team

“I talked to Mancini, we got to know each other. He added a lot of new players, but we have to improve, Italy will have to be reborn”.


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