Curva Nord: ”Let us create hell for every club who comes to the Stadio Olimpico”

Lazio’s transfer market has really sparked celebration in fans with the news of the imminent arrivals of both Joaquin Correa and Milan Badelj. The response has been very positive, and the Lazio fans of “Irriducibili” in the Curva Nord have now made a statement: 

”The ritiro is ending and the season is coming. The club has acted on the transfer market. Two signings in a single day. The calendar has been sorted out and the beginning leaves no room for comment. At this point it’s up to us! Let us get season tickets and return ‘en masse’ so that the stadium is a hell for every away team and for every Giacomelli on duty trying to do his dirty work. Let’s start from the images of Lazio – Inter: a stadium full of love and courage, a symbol of Lazialita.” – LaLazioSiamoNoi

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