Athletic Trainer Ripert and Inzaghi’s technical staff speak about last season and this upcoming year

Various members of the Inzaghi technical staff have spoken to Lazio Style Channel, including the man in charge of the match analysis, Ferruccio Cerasaro. Cerasoro spoke about how Lazio the past season had too many players going forward leaving the defenders without the proper help: “At the end of the season we did an analysis to understand how we have conceded goals. Too many of these were also the concequence of the large amount of goals we scored, we could certainly avoid some of them. The goals came as a result of certain tactical situations and we are working on these aspects.”

Cerasoro then spoke on Francesco Acerbi and the importance of his arrival: “Acerbi is a great signing, he knows the Serie A TIM well and boasts experience and professionalism. We are happy with his arrival and the landing of all the other signings that have been brought in, both in terms of the group and technically”.

Lazio Style Channel also spoke to the biancoceleste athletic trainer Fabio Ripert, who commented on the work done so far in Auronzo di Cadore: “The main objective is not to lose anyone during this ritiro, we have had problems with Valon Berisha and Adam Marusic, but I think that within a few days they will rejoin the group. As we go forward we will try to consolidate the work that has been done, then during the year there will be . This is the third year that we will work with this group, we know the boys better and that makes them more easy to work with. The knowledge of the individual is a strong point of the coach and it is also fundamental for us. In Germany we will increase the intensity a little and work on explosive force”.

On the upcoming season: “It is stimulating to play against strong teams like Napoli and Juventus for the first two matches of the season and we will be ready. In this last year, we have had a very high volume of games, 55 matches are many to manage. The important thing is to have the ability to understand when to raise or lower the intensity. The game becomes a training session for those who play. Obviously, those who play less will have to work differently”.

On the injuries last year: “The injuries we suffered at the beginning and end of the season, it’s part of the job, they happen to everyone. In the athletic aspect we have always been good. The decline in performance usually comes in the third consecutive game, there can be a loosening of tension”.

The work of the players on their holiday? “They are professionals and they know that getting into good conditions for the ritiro is very important. Radu in this aspect is an example for all the young players of the team, when we do the tests we always see that he has excellent results. Criticism is a part of the job of the athletic trainer, with injuries the athletic training is always questioned. Injuries can have different causes regardless of the preparation, it can even happen that the athlete gets hurt because he is below the level of fitness”.


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