Wesley Moraes: “I want to stay at Club Brugge”

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Wesley Moraes, Source: www.clubbrugge.be

The talk of Wesley Moraes to Lazio has been going on for a long time, and despite reports that a move is imminent, nothing has really materialised. 

The reasons behind this has been the high demand from Club Brugge (€15 million) for the striker, the need for Lazio to first sell Felipe Caicedo, and lastly the development of Alessandro Rossi during the ritiro.

And today, at the end of the match against Eupen (in which he scored twice), the Brazilian striker himself maybe put the end to a possible transfer: “I’ll stay in Brugge. I want to play the Champions League and in the end I am only 21. There is time,” he told reporters. 

Is it a strategy imposed by the club or the sincere will of Wesley? A question that we will find an answer in the next few hours. 


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