Report: No Bari for Claudio Lotito

Claudio Lotito, Source- CalcioWeb

Lazio president Claudio Lotito had recently been mentioned to be interested in taking over the newly bankrupted club of Bari. The idea is then in the long term, according to reports, to leave his ownership in Salernitana and instead try to build up the classic club Bari.

There have been 11 proposals presented to the mayor of Bari, Antonio Dicaro. Among them Claudio Lotito, Enrico Preziosi and Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Dicaro has now made his decision and his finger points at the Napoli president De Laurentiis to take over the work of restoring Bari as a club. The reasons behind his decision, Dicaro explains, are that De Laurentiis represents financial soundness and sporting competence. De Laurentiis according to Dicaro also represents a lesser conflict of interest between his other club Napoli, and Bari.

So maybe the dealings with Salernitana this time will come back to haunt Lotito?

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