Report: Lazio back in Primavera 1?

Lazio Primavera coach Bonacina Source: Lazio News 24

Lazio sadly were relegated from Primavera 1 last season after a bad and low-scoring campaign (under 1 goal per game!).

Last season was the first one with the new form with two groups, Primavera 1 (16 teams) and Primavera 2 (26 teams divided in two groups) and the possibility with promotion and relegation. The team rankings decided where the teams got included. All this to raise the level of competitiveness.

But now the form could be changed where Lega is thinking about adding more teams to Primavera 1 and less in Primavera 2. This could mean that Lazio is back in Primavera 1 again.

Another hypothesis, that is more probable, is the eventuality that the promotions of the 2018/2019 season could increase from 3 to 5, which then would make it easier for Lazio to get back in the top again.

The Lega is said to make a final decision on August 20th.

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