Minala, Di Gennaro, Sprocati & More – the 15 left out of the rest of pre-season

Murgia and Di Gennaro, Source- S.S.Lazio Instagram

Lazio are preparing for the second part of their pre-season, seeing them leave Auronzo di Cadore and, via a match against Arsenal in Sweden tomorrow, to Marienfeld in Germany from the 5th to the 11th of August.

15 names have been left out of the 2nd pre-season squad, including Joseph Minala, who, despite impressing in Auronzo, has not done enough to remain in the squad. Similarly, newcomers Mattia Sprocati and Djavan Anderson will likely be leaving on loan, whilst the expected names of Di Gennaro, Mauricio and Morrison have also been left out.

The full list of absentees:

Lombardi, Filippini, Minala, Adamonis , Di Gennaro, Sprocati, Djavan Anderson, Vargic, Mauricio, Morrison, Kishna, Oikonomidis, Germoni, Crecco and Brayan Perea.

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