Report: Danilo Cataldi linked with move to Chievo Verona

It seems Danilo Cataldi has sparked some more talk of transfer interest. For a while now we’ve known of Parma’s interest in Sprocati and Di Gennaro. Sprocati was originally thought to be bought in order to off-set costs for acquiring Acerbi.

According to Calciomercato, Cataldi has now sprung interest from Chievo and he would get great experience if the move occurred. Chievo are not exactly the strongest team, but they are a solid mid-table performer that had an implosion of sorts during the 2nd half of the Serie A season.

CM said on the deal: “Chievo has been interested in the midfielder and now a deal has begun between them and Lazio. We currently expect the deal to develop.”

At this point it seems rather unlikely that Cataldi would be sold entirely, but loaning seems to be an option. Chievo is not exactly in the best place to make bids that I believe Lotito would take, and it could be that Cataldi could easily have an asking price of €7mil without bonuses were it to be a straight up sale.

Di Gennaro
Di Gennaro | Source:

No one is surprised at Sprocati leaving the squad. Out of the remaining two deals mentioned, a Di Gennaro departure would not be surprising either, and as we predicted he was not selected for the 2nd pre-season squad. At the same time, I, in particular, thought that Cataldi would be absent from the squad as well. However it seems that a surprise is afoot.

Inzaghi thinks differently and has an amount of trust in the player that Laziali do not seem to share at the moment. To be fair, no one gets the personal time with players that Inzaghi does. So even the most dedicated Laziale, watching the pre-season as closely as possible, are not able to acquire half the information Inzaghi has. Ultimately leaving one with a half-informed guess at best. Whatever that other half is, Inzaghi has obviously been convinced by it and has Cataldi in the 2nd pre-season squad.

This leads me to think that a loan is much more likely for Cataldi. It may even be possible that he is used as a reserve this season though that may be a wasted opportunity for development at Chievo.

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