Presentation of #33; Acerbi Presser: “The squad is full of value, there is desire and enthusiasm to continue to grow”

Acerbi and Tare, Source- Official S.S.Lazio

The first player who answered reporters’ questions yesterday was Francesco Acerbi. Presenting the Italian defender was the DS Igli Tare: “We strongly wanted the player [Acerbi], we had already tried last year to buy him from Sassuolo; he will bring experience, quality, and value to Lazio”.

#33 Francesco ACERBI

“I want to fight – I have great incentives. I’m in a big place with a great team, I have to prove I can be the one for Lazio”;

“I set myself bigger and bigger goals, the Azzurri are among them. After the illness I had [cancer], I’m living a second life – now I have the right head for staying focused in a high level club, I have more awareness”;

“I had given my word that I would do everything to come to Lazio; President Lotito, DS Tare and Mr. Inzaghi have done everything to bring me here. The squad is full of value, there is desire and enthusiasm to continue to grow”;

“Inzaghi impressed me with his work and the way he interacts with the players, he is an excellent coach and a great person”;

“I have learned that in life there should be no regrets or remorse. I immediately integrated myself well, in ritiro you work with serenity and this is important to start the season the best way possible”.

Acerbi given #33, Source- Official S.S.Lazio


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