Lotito: “Lazio needs economic balance. In the last six months, a profit of 48.5 million euros was obtained”

Claudio Lotito, Source- CalcioWeb
Claudio Lotito, Source- CalcioWeb

Financial Fair Play, wanted by Platini in 2010, undergoes a third change in the 8 years of existence. On the company website, financial statements must be published, including expenses for agents and intermediaries, in order to have greater transparency and quickness in terms of checks into the club. On the subject – as reported by AGI Calcio – Lazio President Claudio Lotito spoke not the matter.

“Anything that leads to transparency is welcome, to avoid administrative doping and huge capital gains; who has more money to spend, is free to buy whoever they want. However, the problem is upstream: capital gains must be real, without compensation”.

What does Lotito mean?

“That everything must be controlled. The problem exists when someone is selling a player at a high price, at a non-true value, with scams and compensations that are worth nothing. Let’s assume a company evaluates a player at 100 million euros, taking a note for Financial Fair Play. However, from the purchasing club, if the selling club receives 50 million euros plus the counterpart of a poor player that does not hold the value of the remaining 50 million euros, then there is something wrong”.

President Lotito, do you believe that with the new Financial Fair Play, they can change things?

“I hope so and I am positive, there must be equal rules for everyone and maximum transparency. The important thing is that sports results are not changed, but on this subject, I take confidence in the Premier League and the victory of the unknown Leicester of Claudio Ranieri two years ago. For my part, Lazio has always sought an economic equilibrium, I have repaid debts for 550 million euros and in the last six months I have obtained a profit of 48.5 million”.


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